Sunday, 12 October 2014

UPDATE - My wish is to get back to Scrapbooking. Looking forward to 2015

UPDATE of where I have been -

Forseeing the future below, while we could and had the money, we went to America for 9 weeks from end of March till returning 1st June 2013.  (Long Service time)
Home to packing waiting to receive the final date for hubbies work.  My hubbies job he had with Queensland Rail for 29 years closed it doors and it was time to move in October 2013.

Since our move, I have not been able to do any scrapbooking..

  • We purchased a house in Gympie October 2013
  • Had the big move 2 x 12 ton trucks plus 8 car & trailer loads (Blowing the motor in one car during a journey, and then 2 flat tyres on the trailer in one night)  Excitement with a difference.  Thanks to RACQ on both accounts
  • The house was a renovators delight... Scrapbooking with the outside and inside...
  • No full time work for hubby till August 2014
  • So I devoted my time to selling my items I had purchased for the on line store which did not take off  on EBay where I have been working more than full time ever since and is doing very well.  ( I have had only 2 sales in 12 months and that was from a flyer I put out with every EBay Sale)  Guess what, me thinks the on-line store will not continue when renewal time comes..
  • EBay store links are


      THE HOUSE - Now our HOME
       Listed as Renovators delight... Hard work was my way of thinking.
      My hubby is a carpenter by trade, so all just a piece of cake for him.

       This northern outside wall was a mess and a lot of rotten boards due to no gutters.
      The structure underneath was sound, which was great news.
       Gutters on now and a massive huge difference

       This front Patio needed total straightening and realigning.
       Had major work underneath to get the door to shut properly.

       And now some of the front is completed but hubby is back at work and this is what we look at each day till he gets more time.

      Thankyou for looking. I really do enjoy my Scrapbooking.  (When I get back to it)