Thursday, 31 May 2012

Live in the Moment

Sheree with Rebecca-Li, enjoying a photo shoot by her sister Casey, being very pregnant (overdue) at Tuncurry N.S.W. on 22nd March 2012.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Mums Life 1934 to 1985

Hi there,

This is a Lovely Page I have created about my Mum's Life.  It has been created using Prima Paper from the lovely "Romantique Collection", with some Brown Card-stock for the Clock and Title.   I absolutely loved doing this page, and was very pleased that I have able to use the numbers indicating the Years and Month Time Lines my mother experienced with her illness.

She grew up as a young girl like any of us being born on 10th April 1934.  She had to help milk the cows, get the hay in etc on a typical dairy farm in those days.

This picture of her was taken as she prepared for her marriage to my Dad which occurred on 4th September 1954.

Their first baby came along, (being me) and I was born 26th December 1955.  Mum always spoke that I spoilt her Christmas Lunch that year.

Mum fell pregnant with their second child and was suffering health problems.  At this time the doctors did not know what it was so she persevered as best she could, me being cared for much of the time by my Grandmother, my brother being born on 23rd September 1957.

Mum had no idea what lay ahead of her, or the music she was about to face during the next 10 years.
Mum was in and out of hospital many times.  It got to be a common occurrence that if she was a little happier and having some fun, we could count on about 2 days later she would be in hospital again. 

In 1967, Mum was sent to Princess Alexander Hospital in Brisbane and was on the critical ill list in Intensive Care.  It took 6 months after many tests, operations and dialysis machines, before the Medical Superintendent of the Hospital (Dr Murphy) discovered Mum had "Polio Nephritis" which is a disease of the Kidneys that can occur whilst Pregnant.  (They know so much more these days).  
After no response to some medication, Dr gave her an injection which may take away some functions of your body.  Within 3 days, Mum lost the ability to hear anything and was only given 2 years to live.

After about one month further on, she was discharged into full time care till she regained her strength which took 6 months before she could go home to be on her own.  Us 2 children had stayed and continued to stay with our Grandparents (Mums Mum and Dad) for a further 12 months, until we went back home to live.

New discoveries of Medication, gave Mum another 16 years on top of her life expectancy of just 2 years, being able to see both her children married and to see her first 2 grand children.  During this time, she was able to still drive the family car and was able to take herself to visit her doctor (Dr Murphy) at the P A Hospital in Brisbane by herself.  She carried a Medical note regarding her hearing loss.

We used lots and lots of paper and wore out many pens during these times, so as to communicate with her. She had an avid interest in Knitting and Crocheting and made many items, including Bride and Bridesmaid Dress outfits for beds and made many Bridal Trinkets for Brides to carry, which she sold.  She also became known for her Photography and was the photographer at many weddings.

About 6 - 8 months before she died, Dr Murphy told her that her body was becoming amuned to the medication and at that time there was no other new discoveries that he was able to prescribe for her condition.  She had asked me to take her to the doctor that day for fear of the news he was going to tell her.

Mum made Medial History and her case was used for many young studying Doctors.  Mum passed away on 3rd June 1985 at age 49 years.  Dr Murphy asked permission for them to conduct a post mortem on her body for more medical research and knowledge as to what had occurred to her organs in her body over this period of time.  This was granted by the whole family.  It did delay the funeral for some time for a very good cause.

I thought I had to do this for my mum, so as as our generations continue to grow, there will be a record of Mums story so as they are able to have this knowledge.  I will do more Scrapbook Pages with more pictures as time goes on.

Love to Mum from Narelle

This was the Challenge Layout from "One upon a Sketch Blog" which is a World Wide Challenge with many entries from all over the world.