Sunday, 10 March 2013

Hale's Memoirs for 18 months

These are the pages of a scrapbook which I was asked to make up for a couple who came to Gladstone, Australia to serve a Mission (all costs covered by themselves) for their church from 1st September 2011, leaving for home to Utah, USA on 22nd February, 2013.

A couple who Cherish each other, Have Happiness, Joy & Love.

A view of the Unit they stayed in while they served.

A snapshot of their Life,  A Memory, A Delight, A Joy

Pictures with Different Angles of the Gladstone Chapel

Branch Social held at Barney's Point, Gladstone on 30 October 2011.
This is in the woods, but near the Beach

Branch Christmas Party held on 10th December, 2011 with everyone bringing a Salad or Dessert, while the meat was provided and cooked on the outside BBQ that we have so many of in Australia.

Decorated Christmas Trees

Playing Cards at the Wilks while waiting for the New Year 2012 to arrive

This was an hilarious evening, with Richard being given lessons on how to make Pancakes.
Releif Society annual dinner celebration, 17th March 2012

A special celebration luncheon which was held for Mothers Day, where the priesthood served and cleaned up afterwards.  Each mother was given a chrysanthemum plant as a gift.

Camel Race Day at Gladstone Race Course.
This was a day out for the wedding Anniversary of  Phil and Barbara.

QUIZ and FUN night - First Table to Guess, what was made out of Play Dough.......
What a selected person was driving....
Carrying Marshmallows on the end of your Nose.....
Carry Smarties on the end of a Spoon......
Throw Marshmallows to another person who had to catch the Marshmallows in their mouth!!!!!!!

A day out to a local country show at Mt Larcom held on 23rd June 2012.

A couple went out for a DAY 4 Wheel Driving, but ended up bogged and were stuck from Saturday till Monday morning when a lady drove from Bundaberg, found them and pulled them out.  Others went out on Sunday to find them, finished up bogged themselves and were told by the police to get out of it and get back home.  An interesting weekend for all involved.

Happy Rock Trivia Night conducted by Richard Barton which was an absolute Fun Night.  There were 4 teams each straining their brains for answers.  "The Rappers" were the final winners who received a large box of Favourite Chocolates.

One of the things that "The Hales" noticed different about us Aussies, is the way we cut words short and in a lot of cases put ie's and y's on the end of of a work and we all know what it means.  Here is part of the words that they picked up on....  The List Is Growing!

The JACARANDA TREE.... Flourishes and Thrives in most parts of Australia.

POINCIANA TREE - another tree that Loves and Thrives in Australia 


More Members
More Members
More Members

More Members

More Members

There was many meals served by the Missionary Couple to other Missionaries, visitors & friends.

Feeling the Water and Sand between your Toes at Tannum Sands.

A sunny boating day on Gladstone Harbour with Friends.

Interesting Items that was in-trigging while at Gladstone.
The Fords stayed with the Hales for a short period together with the Cocky.  This Page was created for a Challenge and was chosen as a Most Liked by the Design Therapists.

The 2012 Road Show for the district - Scene 1.  The Jealous witch who had not been invited to the Princess's Birthday Party, placing a Spell on them all for 43 years.... Yes 43 years..

The news was out - Many were looking for the Princess and "The KISS" was going to break the spell. 

The Prince KISSES the Princess - The Spell was Broken - Donkey kisses a Princess as well
& says "I Kissed a Princess and I Liked it" - The Witch came back and sang "Please Forgive Me"

Gladstone was Awarded Many Awards.

Best Script - Best Roadshow - Best Set Design - Best Music - Best Junior Actor - Best Senior Actor

 Barbara & Phil were able to Delight in Being King & Queen for a Day while acting in the 
Gladstone Road Show.
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A Branch Activity at AWONGA DAM on 27th October 2012 - They loved the hand made slide.

Gladstone Branch Christmas Party on 15 December 2012 

A Little Birdie Told Me that the Hales were going home soon... Pictures are yet to be inserted

SNOW at HOME while away, and when They Returned home there was more snow,
just look and see below.
View from the Back Window

Front Path

Thankyou for looking. I really enjoy my Scrapbooking.


  1. My! What a HUGE task, & what an amazing collection of memories for them to take home ....great job:)):):):)

    1. Thanks Lizzy. I totally enjoyed doing it. They did not know I was doing it and when they had the send of for them, it was given to them. I was not there, I had to be in Brisbane , but we called on them the Sunday afternoon on our way home and they were sitting there just looking at it all. We are going over to USA leaving on 27th March, so I will be able to finish off the send of page for them over there. They have been very proud in showing it to all there family and friends.. I can imagine the reception we are going to get when I get there. It took 3 full weeks to compile the Photos and complete it. My hubby was at home on sick leave from an operation, so he did most of the cutting out for me, washed up the dishes and did some cooking. Thanks

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Thankyou Thankyou for looking. I really enjoy my Scrapbooking.